How I came to be a ‘Corbynista’

A good, well written, and honest assessment of Jeremy’s appeal:

reflections of a young lefty

I had always voted Labour, from the sidelines. Always as a “best of a bad bunch” kind of vote. I agreed with some of the things they put forward, and quite liked Ed, but I never felt any passion about them or felt inclined to join the Party. I always felt like they offered the best solutions out of the three mainstream parties but were never enough of an opposition. “They’re all the same” was a common phrase, uttered by myself and many others like me.

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#Brickgate – A Story That Won’t Go Away

A well researched article, worth a read:

Wirral In It Together

not to be found on google images angela eagles office window24th July 2016

A prominent journalist, author and broadcaster of integrity, Peter Hitchens, has devoted part of his weekly blog in The Mail on Sunday to the #Brickgate story.  I exchanged a number of tweets with Mr Hitchens a few days ago in order to set the scene for him and to answer some of his queries.

He contacted Merseyside Police for their version of events, which was very telling indeed and confirmed what many of us had suspected all along (scroll down).

As a constituent of Angela Eagle, I too will approach Merseyside Police in search of a written statement to this effect, i.e. Angela Eagle’s office / windows were not subjected to an attack and no windows were broken in her office.  The overwhelming majority of news articles and media reports had incorrectly stated the opposite and continue to do so.

Assuming I receive a police statement, I’ll research as many of the…

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