Stafford Scandal in the Sentinel Again

Well, here we go again, one week after a similar misinformed story we have more of the same from Mr Blackhurst:

Stafford scandal forces the University Hospital of North Staffordshire name change

“But UHNS bosses fear its reputation is being dragged down by sharing a similar title with the now-infamous Stafford Hospital, where staggeringly high death rates were uncovered.”

The story of how those death rates were found to be erroneous, and that there were coding issues is well documented; the ‘excess deaths’ were not borne out by Francis:


Further to this is an academic report:

The findings of the Mid-Staffordshire Inquiry do not uphold the use of hospital standardized mortality ratios as a screening test for ‘bad’ hospitals.

And other articles which support this supposition:

Inquiry behind NHS scandal omitted crucial data

The real Mid Staffs story: one ‘excess’ death, if that.

Data fear caused Mid-Staffs panic

It is a huge issue that these factual errors are unquestioningly repeated; they have been perpetuated by many with other agendas, some through simple ignorance. You will see that the BBC has stopped reporting these figures – they know they are incorrect.

So Dave Blackhurst, regarding HSMR’s please refer to these figures from this summer:

Trust Comparison

UHNS is clearly responsible for far more deaths than Stafford; for those who live in a simplistic void.


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