Audrey’s Account

I am posting the comments of a fellow campaigner, who doesn’t tweet:

I have recently read your article on Julie Bailey and found it very insulting to the people of Stafford. Yes we had some poor care at our hospital but we did not and do not, as Julie Bailey suggests, try to pretend this did not occur. When she says that no nursing staff reported that there were problems at the time, this is not correct, they did but were ignored by the management.

My friend was in the same ward as Julie Bailey’s mother and I saw no abuse or deliberate neglect. The patients were mainly very elderly and very sick, some like my friend had dementia. And so the nurses, and there were far too few of them, were rushed off their feet. I heard no one crying out in agony, as Julie so very often says, and the ward was peaceful. There were no vases and I remember this because I was not able to take my flowers for my friend.

If she did have her car tyres slashed, why didn’t she go to the police? The police investigated only after numerous unfounded reports of this type of incident appeared in the press. And they found no evidence of harassment and the case was dropped. Also she often states that she has had letters containing death threats, why have none of these ever been produced as evidence? And there have never been any actual photographs of damage to her mother’s grave, merely picture of her posing by the gravestone and the story which began months ago as stating there was damage to the grave, then changed to a smashed vase on the grave, and then flowers from a vase on the grave being trodden into the ground.

She says the town of Stafford has divided along political lines, that again is not correct. The committee of Support Stafford Hospital consists of members of all parties working alongside each other.
I would like to finish by asking why it is reporters such as yourself do not come to Stafford and ask the people of Stafford our version of what happened at our hospital and chose to simply copy and paste statements made over and over again by Julie Bailey, and why his her version of events any more valid than those of mine and others whose friends and relatives were treated in Stafford hospital at the same time as Julie Bailey’s mother.

I am bitterly disappointed at the standard of journalism and what happened to good old fashioned well researched balanced reporting?

Yours sincerely

Audrey Jackson


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